Monday, April 4, 2011

BOO, Fault!

This is one of the April Feel that I get. YES, THIS IS! So screwed, lalalala~
Hmm, my fault. My really stupid fault. Thank you Allah for wake me up from this really stupid fault. I'll keep my promise, I won't do this again. Never and ever again. I take all this as an appropriate consequences for that really stupid fault. Haa, redha, pasrah. :(

I am wondering and worried about something that I had done stupidly. What will happen to me and us after this? Yeah, still wondering lah ni. :/

HAHA, bajet nak speaking sampai habis. Keluar jugak Melayu tulen kau tu. Tapi seriously, ini stupid fault. Seriously, aku akan try very hard, not to do this stupid fault anymore. DAN Seriously, aku rasa macam nak lempang diri sendiri laju laju sebab bajet HOT nak speaking sangat, kalau setakat rojak baik kau blah. HAHA, okay foinee. -.-
Risaunya mak, nokk. :/

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